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Where Jay Clark stands on the issues that matter to all of Blount County, and all of Tennessee.

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The Issues.



"My positions on issues that are the responsibility of our state government reflect my upbringing, values, principles, and Christian faith."

- Jay Clark


Health Care

We need a compassionate and fiscally responsible way to provide affordable, high-quality, comprehensive health care to our families, neighbors, and fellow Tennesseans.

Once elected I will work to:

- Expand Medicaid to cover uninsured Tennesseans.

- Ensure access to effective mental health and addiction services.

- Support our hospitals and health care delivery services for all Tennesseans.

- Advocate for protection of Medicare funding and benefits.

-Develop and fund a systemic approach to the Opioid Crisis.

I applaud Governor Haslam’s attention to the serious opioid abuse epidemic in Tennessee and to his emphasis on prevention and treatment. I support the comprehensive response to the Governor’s plan offered by the Tennessee Medical Association, which urges distinguishing patients with legitimate and difficult chronic pain from other users of opioids and insists that physicians be allowed adequate flexibility in prescribing appropriate treatments. I also urge that more resources be made available to local substance abuse prevention efforts.  The legislature’s refusal to accept federal funding available through the Affordable Care Act costs Tennessee access to the financial resources needed to adequately fund services to prevent and treat opiate addiction.

Public Education

We must direct our state’s limited financial resources to our public schools and make sure those funds are used effectively to meet the needs of every student in Blount County and across Tennessee.  Public education is a fundamental function of government and we need to support and fully fund it.

Once elected I will work to:

- Dedicate public dollars to Public Education.

- Promote and enhance career-based vocational education.

- Reform standardized student testing.

- Support our Public School teachers, staff, and students.

I again applaud Governor Haslam’s commitment to a four percent pay raise for public school teachers in Tennessee and for the state’s funding for insurance coverage for educators.  I support efforts to make sure money appropriated for paying teachers goes into base salaries.  I oppose vouchers that divert resources away from Tennessee’s public schools.   We need to continue improving teacher compensation and provide resources for meeting all students’ needs.  I do not believe arming teachers with guns will accomplish any of these objectives.


As with freedom of speech and other rights granted by the U.S. Constitution, common-sense regulations protect the greater good of society.  I have been an avid hunter, fisherman, and outdoorsman my entire life.  I continue that tradition today on our property in Rockford and the surrounding mountains and rivers.  I pledge to respect the 2nd Amendment, support the rights of fellow outdoorsmen and women, and promote good-sense legislation to protect Tennesseans from gun violence.

Jobs & Economic Development

I will work with local leaders to develop and maintain an environmentally sustainable economic base that provides world-class workforce education and training, employment opportunities that provide a living wage in a safe environment, and affordable housing.


I will draw upon my expertise in wildlife ecology, experiences as an educator, researcher, and life-long outdoorsman, and accomplishments as a small business owner to develop responsible environmental policies. We must protect our water, air, and natural resources.

Common Sense Leadership

The Tennessee General Assembly needs a renewed focus on what really matters to Tennesseans. I pledge to listen and to be a voice for all Blount County residents, and to work tirelessly to improve the quality of life for our families, friends, and neighbors.


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